Dear customers, we recently had a person enquiring why a 1 mm wire would not fit through a 1 mm bead hole. We have investigated about it and the reason is very simple. Many beads are manufactured to the mm whereas wire tends to follow the American "gauge".

For instance, an 18 Ga wire is actually 1.02 mm and a 20 Ga wire is 0.81 mm. These wires are still sold as 1 mm and 0.8 mm wire although they are actually thicker. Wax cord is generally also much thicker than what is stated because the stated thickness is in compressed state.
On the other hand, many beads are hand-made and their shape and holes are not always perfect. Some beads might also have residues inside, which are generally easy to remove with a pin or a bead reamer.
Therefore when you order beads make sure that the bead hole is somewhat wider than the wire and much wider than cord! If you are unsure, please ask us BEFORE you order to avoid disappointments!
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