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As of January 2018, Kolibri is an Authorised retailer of Les perles par Puca® - Paris (in this text: Puca beads).
Puca beads are the missing link in beading. These beads have special shapes and (generally) more than one hole that enable the creation of amazing jewellery pieces fit for a Queen.
Designed in Paris and manufactured in the Czech Republic (Czechia), Puca beads have standard dimensions that allow you to mix & match and combine them with your favourite Swarovski Elements, Miyuki Delica seed beads and our sterling silver components. There is no other bead like them. In this section, we provide you with direct link to the products in our shop. There is a lot of research behind Les perles par Puca® - Paris and their palette of products is growing as rapidly as their popularity!
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For the time being we will be selling small packs through our Etsy shop (or Email order), but any enquiry is welcome. Bulk orders are also accepted  - send us an Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
Kheops Red Metallic Mat
Khéops® par Puca® in red metallic mat
Arcos Bronze Gold Mat 00030 01740 Arcos
Arcos® par Puca® in bronze gold mat
Minos ARGENTE 00030 27000 MINOS
Minos® par Puca® in silver mat
Ios Metallic Mat Purple 23980 79021 IOS
Ios® par Puca® in metallic purple mat
Super kheops Metallic Mat Dark Plum 23980 79083 Super Kheops
Super-Kheops® par Puca® in metallic dark plum mat
Tinos® par Puca® in copper gold mat
Amos® par Puca®
Pinit Fg En Rect Red 20