KOLIBRI Catalogue 2016

This is an old catalogue. We have added many new products and now sell exclusively through ETSY!

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Silver filled is the best alternative to Sterling Silver. Silver Filled is a layer of 925 Silver which is mechanically bonded to a brass core. Our Silver Filled findings are 1/10 or 10% by weight Silver. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Sterling Silver there is no better choice than Silver Filled, as it is hundreds of times thicker than conventional silver plating and has the same properties as Sterling Silver.

Gold filled is a thin sheet of carat gold ( American origin ), bonded to the surface of a base metal core. The gold content in the component is 1/20th by weight of 12 karat gold. Gold fill items do not tarnish and offer a much cheaper option to 9ct.Gold.

Silver/Gold Filled


0.56mm(0.02") Wire Guardian GF x4

0.56mm(0.02") Wire Guardian Gold Filled

€ 2.12

0.56mm(0.02") Wire Guardian SF x4

0.56mm(0.02") Wire Guardian Silver Filled

€ 0.93

1.5'' (3.81 cm) Headpins Thin: SF (10x)

1.5'' (3.81 cm) Headpins Thin: Silver filled - top quality

€ 2.12

2mm Round Metal Beads SILVER FILLED (10 pc.)

2mm Round Metal Beads SILVER FILLED - 10 pc. Nickel Free - ...

€ 1.02

2x2mm Crimp Tubes SILVER FILLED 20x

2x2mm Crimp Tubes - silver filled - nickel free (20 pc.)

€ 2.37

5mm Jumpring SILVER FILLED 10x

5mm open rings SILVER FILLED

€ 1.69