KOLIBRI Catalogue 2016

This is an old catalogue. We have added many new products and now sell exclusively through ETSY!

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Swarovski Crystal Pendants
These high quality crystal pendants are perfect for hand-made earrings, hand-made bracelets, and dainty hand-made necklaces or anklets. Their perfect cut and brilliant colours make them stand out from chinese glass imitations.
At KOLIBRIBEADS you will only find genuine Swarovski Elements, made in Austria, and nothing less.

Swarovski Pendants

10mm Swarovski Heart Pendant LIGHT ROSE

10mm Swarovski Elements Heart Pendant LIGHT ROSE, with ...

€ 3.68

10mm Swarovski Heart Pendant LIGHT SIAM

10mm Swarovski Elements Heart Pendant/Charm LIGHT SIAM, ...

€ 3.68

Swarovski 6400 Comet Eye pendant 14 mm CRYSTAL Vitrail light

Swarovski 6400 rare type 14mm Colour: CRYSTAL Vitrail Light

€ 6.75

Swarovski 6721 Starfish 16mm SILK

Swarovski 6721 Starfish Pendant 16mm SILK

€ 3.39

Swarovski 6727 Fish pendant 18 mm CAPRI BLUE

Swarovski Elements 18mm Fish Pendant CAPRI BLUE

€ 4.82

Swarovski 6866 Cross pendant 20 mm CRYSTAL Golden shadow

20mm Swarovski Cross Pendant Crystal Golden Shadow

€ 4.41

Swarovski 6866 Cross pendant 20 mm JET

20mm Swarovski Cross Pendant Jet

€ 4.15